Our team is made up of over 10 IT experts and gurus, who provide round the clock support, 24/7/365.


Domen Česnik

With more than 15 years of experience in developing IT companies and IT/Web solutions.


Tic Pavlin

The Swiss-Army knife of IT, with exhaustive knowledge of IT, cloud technology, and networks.


Aljaž Česnik

The company’s operative engine, striking a balance between the world of IT and the end user, capable of handling over 10 projects at a time.

# Dusan Mravlje,

I had the pleasure of meeting the team when we were setting up our first Magento 1.x webshop. The solutions they suggested have proven over and over again to have been correct.
After a few years we decided to transition to Magento 2.x. Magenta 1.x already takes a heavy toll on equipment, but Magenta 2.x is a real hog. One of the ideas was to migrate everything to DAT-IT’s servers. The team outdid themselves.
Since we have so many products in our webshop, we had a lot of worries about the system’s responsiveness. All for naught. Every time a potential problem popped up, they either nipped it in the bud or, as soon as we notified them, found a way to fix it.

Even when it came to weird and wild questions and requests, they always found a great fit.