A variety of services that provide our customers with a part of our VmWare cloud. These are completely safe and reliable solutions, which we can customize comprehensively from client to client. All equipment is located in Slovenia, at known and secure locations.

Enterprise VM

ZWe offer Enterprise VM to clients who only require virtual servers, which are different from physical servers in the priority they allocate capacities, their operational warranty, their priority support, and in their range of additional enterprise options.
We provide private encrypted tunnels to the data center, direct connections, and the use of our own IP address space.
If needed, we also offer TIER 4 with a redundant data center, located either in Slovenia or abroad.

Virtual Data Centers

Virtual data centers allow you to use a provider’s control panel to customize your data center, where you can add or remove anything from virtual routers and switches to individual servers. The service is built on the basis of VMware vCloud.

Hybrid Cloud

This is for clients with their own VMware environment who occasionally require increased capacities from their provider. The solution connects their environment to ours and clients can quickly, easily, and as needed move their VM from the local environment to ours.

Private Cloud

Your own cloud on dedicated servers and in-house data server, supported by our network and with all necessary licensing. This lets you easily overcome the challenge of high initial costs in setting up a cloud, while your client remains in their own cloud, independent from others.

# Dusan Mravlje,

I had the pleasure of meeting the team when we were setting up our first Magento 1.x webshop. The solutions they suggested have proven over and over again to have been correct.
After a few years we decided to transition to Magento 2.x. Magenta 1.x already takes a heavy toll on equipment, but Magenta 2.x is a real hog. One of the ideas was to migrate everything to DAT-IT’s servers. The team outdid themselves.
Since we have so many products in our webshop, we had a lot of worries about the system’s responsiveness. All for naught. Every time a potential problem popped up, they either nipped it in the bud or, as soon as we notified them, found a way to fix it.

Even when it came to weird and wild questions and requests, they always found a great fit.