About Us

DAT-IT is a brand under the ZGroup, providing reliable IT services for more than 10,000 clients.


DAT-IT provides exclusively premium infrastructure and managed web services.
Among other things we also offer complete managed hosting, cloud solutions, IaaS, and IT optimization services.

Own Network

Having our own server network allows us unparalleled control, access, stability, security, redundancy, and data rates. All our servers are located in environments with extremely high standards of both physical and virtual security.

Freindy and professionall staff

Our employees and employees are friendly and do not speak an IT language, but the language of your employees . So we can support both IT and non-IT personnel, which saves time and money.

Worry-free Operations

Management is our daily bread, so we look after every step of the lifecycle of your server, from all procedures, installations and licensing, to monitoring and correcting any bugs or glitches.
Our support ensures that all background processes function seamlessly, so your customers can enjoy 100% accessibility.

Company Info

Zabec.net d.o.o.
Merčnikova 6
SI-1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 591 66981
E: info@dat-it.com